If problem plant and broken equipment control your day, instead of you controlling maintenance, you need rexisoft. 

Tired of…

  • struggling in a mess of illegible paper maintenance requests?
  • over-simplified spread sheets that show only part of the picture?
  • desperately trying to keep track of jobs?
  • using a program that is never up to date and can’t cope every time an asset needs to move?

Do you want to increase productivity instead of wasting time chasing problems? 

rexisoft delivers

  • remote reporting of maintenance issues
  • scheduling and management of planned maintenance
  • legibility – no more deciphering hand-written requests
  • standardisation
  • automatic record keeping
  • reporting at your fingertips
  • ability to centralise or decentralise the maintenance process
  • all with minimal computer skills required

In a nutshell…

  • rexisoft handles planned and unplanned maintenance with equal ease
  • minimal computer skills and experience required
  • keep track of the job, right through the maintenance process
  • obtain reports for management with the click of a mouse
  • allows you to take back control of maintenance.

Contact rexisoft at or call (02) 9745 6199.