medicolegal.jpgOHS Solutions has a number of Registered Occupational Therapists with experience in medicolegal assessments across a range of medical conditions and jurisdictions.

We provide:

  • A thorough assessment using valid standardised outcome measures
  • Recommendations backed by evidence based practice
  • Clear and logical reports including:
    • Answers to any specific questions raised in the letter of instruction
    • Tables allowing easy comparison with other expert recommendations
    • Rational cost estimates
  • Credible, confident witnesses
  • Quality service including peer review prior to finalising
  • Satisfaction guaranteed – if you feel we have not adequately answered a question from your letter of instruction, we will provide an addendum at no additional cost.

"Her reports have always been of a very high standard.  She applies consistent criteria in assessing the needs of disabled and often terminally ill people.  Her recommendations are logical and practical.  She thoroughly researches services and equipment available.  Her reports are clear, well structured and her arguments and recommendations logical and articulate."

Con Gotis-Graham, DLA Piper